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10 позиций для получения PhD на Канарах.

10 позиций для получения PhD на Канарах.

Dear colleagues,

Please, find an announcement of the 2013 call of the IAC doctoral programme. This year, 10 grants are available for brilliant students willing to complete their PhD at the IAC.

I'd appreciate if you could distribute the announcement among your colleagues and potential candidates.

Thanks for your cooperation.




The Instituto de Astrof?sica de Canarias (IAC) opens a call to cover 10 contracts for graduate students to make their PhD in the framework of the international programmes ?La Caixa?-Severo Ochoa - Resident astronomers of the IAC.

The succesful candidates will become members of the IAC research groups under the direction of their supervisor, and will complete their doctoral theses.

The contracts will commence on October 2013, once the selection process will be finished.

Further information at http://www.iac.es/info.php?op1=26&id=411&lang=en and


Deadline is April, 15th.

Best regards,

F. Garz?n

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